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Mental Wellness and Movement Residency School Program

We are excited to be piloting a new residency program this year that we call "Mental Wellness and Movement". During our week-long stay at your school, we will cover topics such as:

- Feelings and Emotions

- Self-Regulation

- Self-Awareness

- Mind-Body Connection

- Relationship Skills

With age-appropriate activities, this week-long program will cover curricular outcomes found within the Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum and will help students develop skills that are essential to experiencing positive mental health.

What's Included?

- digital access to our Elementary Wellness Planner (1 per teacher)

- Professional Development Workshop for teachers (in-person or virtual) 

- Professional Development Workshop for parents (in-person or virtual)

- 1 week of programming (5 days) for every class (differentiated for K-6)

*Option of spreading the 5 days over a period of time.

Thanks for submitting!

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